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Long term care fees

More and more people are concerned about the possibility that their home may have to be sold to pay for residential care home fees, and wish to know if this can be avoided.

It is not always the case that your house will be taken into account when assessing you for care fees, for example, if your spouse or certain other dependent relatives live in the house with you.

However, in some cases the value of your house will be taken into account in local authority means testing.

You may have questions about how to protect your home from potential care fee liability.

We can advise you on planning your estate in the most effective way possible as well as the possible implications of transferring property out of your name.

We can also advise you as to the suitability of this type of action to your circumstances and also the potential risks involved.

This is a complex area and specialist advice should always becontact us sought. Here at Sheppersons solicitors we are specialists in estate planning and can offer you advice on the most effective and tax efficient methods of arranging your property and finances.

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